Fees and locations


Session costs are set by Rolfing UK. Concessionary rates are available for performers. Please contact me to discuss.

You are very welcome to make contact before committing to understand more and Rolfing and how you might benefit from it.

Angel (weekly, Tuesdays), £90. Clinic Central. 10-12 Gaskin Street. N1 2RY

Ealing (fortnightly, Wednesdays), £90. The Space, 12B St Mary's Rd. W5 5ES

Ipswich, (monthly, Thursdays), £80. DanceEast, Jerwood Dance House, 1-3 Foundry Lane. IP4 1DW

Norwich (monthly, Fridays), £80. The Yoga Tree, 50 All Saints Green. NR1 3NB

Bellac, France (quarterly), details on request

What to expect

In the first session you can expect to answer some simple clinical questions and to discuss what you would like to address. This may have its beginnings in a physical or psychological issue, or both.

Each session will begin with checking in followed by a reading how your posture is that day, including how you are breathing, standing, walking, and later spiralling, reaching, pushing, giving and receiving.

There will then be some hands on work, you will lay on the massage table. There will be an open dialogue while we work in the tissue; discussing tightness, old injuries, emotional holdings might come to the foreground, or a way of holding yourself you have learnt through your experience,which is either conscious or subconscious . There will often be some aspects of coordination either while you are lying down, sitting, standing or walking.

At the end of the treatment we aim to ensure your initial complaint has been addressed. But more importantly, that the complaint and you have the opportunity to recover and prosper in a body that supports itself with ease.

Before you come

You are very welcome to contact me before committing to understand more about Rolfing and how you might benefit from it.

Rolfing is an active process between client and Rolfer; it doesn’t force change, it invites it. It is therefore important that clients are fully involved and committed to the process.

While not essential, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the question or concern you are trying to answer before the first session. Perhaps you’ll want to be pain free, perform better or feel more like you?

In between sessions, you might find old and new ways of moving and holding yourself come to your attention. You might become aware of new patterns or possibilities emerging.

Each session is 60 minutes. Rolfing is a 10 session process, strategically designed to facilitate taking us through all the layers of you. However, some clients benefit from 1-3 sessions while others continue to the full 10, and or continue to come back regularly after receiving a full 10 session process.

Body readings are done with your in your underwear so we can see how you are standing and moving. Please wear whatever you would be comfortable in; underwear, sports bra or vest and loose shorts.

Before and after photographs can be specifically requested if you feel it would be useful to track progress.

Terms and conditions

Scheduling sessions

One session of Rolfing should be enough for the Rolfer to assess whether you as the client will benefit from continuing with the process and for you to have an idea of whether Rolfing will suit you. Once it has been agreed by both parties to continue, you can choose to complete all of the remaining nine sessions in the series or to move forward with a shorter number of sessions to work on a project as agreed with your Rolfer.


·         On the day with cash or a cheque
·         Bank Transfers, to be paid before the session. Please request my bank details for this.


Missed appointments and those cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full fee.

Safety, confidentiality and code of ethics

Rolfers are bound by a strict code of ethics and receive extensive training in how to ‘create a container in which change can happen’. This means creating an environment and working practice in which both the Rolfer and the client can feel comfortable. This involves setting and maintaining clear and appropriate boundaries and ensuring that all client information is kept strictly confidential.

Consent to touch

It is necessary for the Rolfing practitioner to touch your body in order to assist you in establishing balance and alignment. By agreeing to these terms and conditions it is understood that you give permission and consent for me your practitioner to do all that is necessary to achieve this aim, including but not limited to touching your body. This does not affect your rights to refuse or decline any part of the treatment, which you find uncomfortable or unacceptable.


Rolfing is contraindicated for people with certain medical conditions. It is your responsibility to declare all medical conditions at the outset or obtain the consent of your doctor before being Rolfed if you are unsure. A full copy of my public liability insurance can be obtained on request.