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Rolfing is hands on body work and movement re-education


Rolfing can address chronic pain, sports injuries, performance, posture, trauma, stress, mental health, relationships and personal development.

Hayley is available for appointments in Angel, Kentish Town, Ealing, Ipswich, Norwich and Bellac, France.


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Rolfing is hands-on body-work and movement instruction that helps individuals find well-being by improving posture.

Whether dealing with isolated complaints or health more generally, the Rolfing process is structured to help find pain free posture; helping individuals thrive in modern, urban environments. Depending on the client and the complaint, the Rolfing process can include elements of physical, conversational and movement therapy in a unique approach to dealing with complex personal patterns.

Rolfing is an intelligent process to help individuals understand the crucial role we all play in our own posture, and therefore, wellness.




Session fee is between £65-80
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The philosophy underpinning Rolfing is that we all have an optimal alignment based on our unique bodies and the affect that gravity has upon them.

The closer we can operate to efficient alignment, the less likely we are to encounter injury, tiredness or stress, promoting freedom and well-being.

The practise was developed in 1960s by American bio-chemist Dr. Ida Rolf, who says;

“Strength that has effort is not the strength we need, we need the strength that is the result of ease.”

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I am a certified Rolfing practitioner and graduate of the British Academy of Rolfing and Structural Integration, where training is accredited and certified by the European Rolfing Association, Munich (ERA) and the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado (RISI).

I am also a dancer, dance maker and someone who has been through the Rolfing process to recover emotionally and physically from trauma. Rolfing helped me to better understand my body and how I interact with the world around me; how to sit at a desk, how to improve my running and swimming techniques, how to reduce my vulnerability to injury and to how build more productive personal relationships.

I meditate daily, a practise which helps me find calm and clarity. Each Rolfer approaches Rolfing from a point of view that reflects their own interests, skills and values. I also hold a degree in material culture, architecture and museum studies, a diploma in fine art and I am the artistic director of Ensemble dance company. The academic, physical and emotional demands of my background and additional interests are all useful in helping me to help you.

We find strength in realising how gravity affects our bodies, there is no use in fighting it. I give all my clients the space and freedom to explore this relationship, and understand their challenges so that we can work on finding solutions. Before, during and after treatment, I always available to discuss concerns or thoughts.

Would you like to make friends with your body?

Would you like to be walk and breathe more freely?

Would you like to have more energy?



I found my Rolfing session with Hayley to be invaluable. Suffering with knee pain, in the first session Hayley showed me a technique for mobilising my knee with minimum effort. I have since been applying the technique to other body movement and find it most effective. She has also improved my gait and the way I move so my body looks and feels lither.
— Naznenne Sparrow, London.
I came to Rolfing after suffering with migraines resulting from emotional trauma. Hayley is very respectful when working with highly sensitive emotional material. After my first session I came away, already feeling the benefits.
— Emma Chromik, London
Hayley combines solid knowledge of her area of expertise with a sensitive and discreet therapeutic approach where the particular needs of individual clients are paramount.
— Jennifer Conway, Bellac, France


Working with you

Supporting and guiding someone through the Rolfing process requires much of the compassion and understanding more typically associated with therapy. Part of being a Rolfer is a commitment to openness and lack of judgement, I take this seriously and enjoy the privilege of working with those who come to me.